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Eternal Lands

Full Warning Audio System for Eternal Lands

How does it work:

New : mplayer has been replaced by ogg123, a smaller ogg player.

Script is based on “Little harvest even notification” . It has been ehanced with using agrep instead grep. It allows you to intercept all message displayed in chat_log.txt and parse it for words or sentence, and add a specific sound to warn you about an event.


For Linux user only. You need to install oggtools for ogg123 from your repositories. Creat a folder in wich you put your sounds. Modifie folder names of sound location in code. Put the code in a bash file and dont forget to make it executable.

Release: 3

Change: - added global var for sound pathname - grep insread agrep (seems to work) - ogg123 instead mplayer - some misspelling errors corrected

Soundpak for script: soundel.tar.gz


tail -1f ~/.elc/chat_log.txt |
        while read log
                if echo $log|grep -a -i "You stopped" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}belship.ogg

                if echo $log|grep -a -i "Happy new hour!" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}medibeep.ogg  
                if echo $log|grep -a -i "PM from" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}doorbell.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i "giws: invasion" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}siren1.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i "going afk" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}teabreak.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i "logged on" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}hi1.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i "poisoned" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}ascream.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i ": ding" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}ting.ogg  
                if echo $log|grep -a -i ": bye" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}bye1.ogg  

                if echo $log|grep -a -i ": call playername" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}wolves.ogg  

Personal calling code:

If you want personal weakup message from #gm use : #gm call playername

Add the code to your script.

Put part of your avatar-name as spelled from most of other player in yourname.

Example: ata for Atasmirnov

if echo $log|grep -a -i "call playername" > /dev/null; then
                        ogg123 ${wsoundpath}wolves.ogg  

Eternal Lands Mapeditor

Unfortunly the map editor cannot be use with wine. Other problem on windows, if you have newer keyboard without nativ [ins key] you cannot rise the objects.

Eternal Lands fonts

Thank for Roja , having included my fonts Eternal Lands in game

Don't use the png fonts, game fonts are saved in bmp and are in folder /eternal/textures

Eternal Lands Contest

Project for contests. I'm trying to find out a way for more complex contests in futur, than only “hide and seek” contests. Contest rules