Landes Eternelles

Bag runner contest

General info and rules

Ask for more infos, if you dont understand the rule before contest is running.

  • You have to find some bags (no hyper bags) in a certain aera with low ingredients in the bags.
  • Stand on bag and write location on paper before you take the bag.
  • When you have found a bag, bring it to Atasmirnov and trade the bag content with right content of the bag.
  • contest is only about 10 minutes each time (life time of the bag), bag will disepear after and be lost forever.If no one find a bag prices will be used in other contests.
  • Additionnal time will be given to bring bag to Atasmirnov
  • When contest is running hint box is green.
  • No other hints will be given in normal circumstances, its a speed contest.

Warning for cheaters: Each bag has different content. If 2 same bag where found at same location with same content. Only the first who brings the bag will win.

Example :

Contest Hint Date: 1.1.3000
Status: sample contest over
Contest start time: 3:00

Location to bring bag content: Atasmirnov at IP fire place or After 10 minutes you can PM if you have found a bag.

Aera to find the bags: IP North West

Price for bag 1 (there is only one unite of each object in bag you have found):

Price for bag 2 (there is only 2 unites of each object in bag you have found):

Price for bag 3 (there is only 3 unites of each object in bag you have found):

Winner: no one has found the bags

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