Landes Eternelles

Eternal Lands Contest Rules

Atasmirnov is making some small events in Eternal Lands. He is not english , that means no very quick with answers.

Best way to make some contest for him in this circumstances, is to read the rules for the current contest before contests is starting.

Many people on EL are not english and need more time to find out what is the purpose in a game on channel 6. I hope this way my contests will be easier for them to understand.

All hints and info will be found in link. Info and rules will be displayed 5 minutes before contest. Use F2 in game to read them, and use refresh to seem more if requested.

  • An example will be displayed in pink to understand the rules

Contest starts and is running when you see a green hint and info box on the link.

Hint Box
  • Like that

Link will be displayed more times during contests for player who are late or not shure to understand the rules. You should not need more hints in games than you find on link. More info's will be added in rules, if some points are not clear for next contests.

You will find out the rules for futures contests on next links.